Hotel or airbnb?

You are preparing a trip and you want, in the best way possible, to reduce the cost but without compromising your comfort. A question is on your mind. Do I choose a hotel or airbnb? Through my travels in the last ten years I will tell you the following: I had good and bad experiences both in hotels and in airbnb homes/apartments.

The truth is that airbnb is cheaper, especially if you want to stay for many days at the destination you are going to visit. You feel like a local because you are staying in a home, so you learn more about the culture and the way of living of the country you choose to go. It goes without saying that as long as you stay there, you make sure you keep the rooms clean, you do not bother your neighbors, etc. unless you want to get into the … black list of visitors.

An important issue for airbnb is the right conversation with the home/apartment owner that you will choose to stay at. Personally I have to remember a perfect stay in an apartment in Berlin with the owner being incredibly gentle and helpful with us. But I did not have the same experience in Paris. The owner of the apartment canceled our reservation one day before our arrival, without telling us the reason, he just disappeared, and we were looking for a place to stay until the last minute of our flight to the French capital.

Airbnb returns your money back, but you have lost valuable time and enough of your good mood. Of course you can find another home with the amount of money that you have payed instead of get them back, as long as the cancellation is not happened at the last moment as in our case.


In the hotel you will not face a situation like this. You may encounter rude staff at the reception but you will not have a cancellation of your reservation at the last minute. Also, this choice is ideal if your arrival time is too late at night, for example, and you do not want to worry about how and where you will pick up the keys. The most important in this is that you speak English or foreign languages in generally. You will pay more money in a hotel but maybe in the price are including and some meals. In case of any problem, you have the direct help of the staff.

As you can see from the above, your choice depends clearly on what you want from your stay and your character. If you are a little more adventurous you can try the airbnb experience. If you are not, then the hotel is the best choice for you.

Niki Kefala


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