4 secrets to treat dry skin

by Niki Kefala

If the winter goes for you along with the dryness of your skin, there are ways to deal with it drastically.

Correct cosmetics

Use products with glycerin or hyaluronic acid that “lock” moisture to the body and give you gentle skin all day. Try to avoid products with fragrance, alcohol and antibacterial substances that dry the skin.

Say no to the hot shower

Make a lukewarm shower and finally dry your skin without rubbing it with the towel.

From the cotton with love

Avoid the woolen clothes and choose soft cotton cloths instead.

Foods rich in omega-3 fat

Okay, you do not eat avocados and salmon every day, yet they have anti-inflammatory properties and soothe sensitive skin. Add them to your diet and you will definitely see a difference to your complexion.


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