about me

My name is Salonikia Kefala but my friends and family call me Niki.

I am very happy that they call me Niki because Saloniki is the name of the second biggest city of the Greece where I come from, and to be honest I never liked to have the name of a city.

Anyway… when I was a little girl I wanted to be an astronaut. Fortunately for NASA, soon I discovered that I am not so good in mathematics. I didn’t reach the stars but as a film critic that I hope to be someday, I have the opportunity to put little stars on my movie reviews and to travel in glamour film festivals.

Because I’m passionate about writing and I love to communicate, I work also as a journalist in Greece (Aggelioforos, 7 meres tv, Naftemporiki, Ta Nea, Cine.gr, Thessaloniki’s International Film Festival…) and UK (www.infinitymagazine.com…) since 2004.

As already mentioned and to be more serious, I love to write about cinema, travels, food and fashion. This is my first site and I hope to enjoy it!